Life's to short for white walls. WatercolorWalls colorwash is the fast, easy way to create the soft look of ancient italian frescoes. Our kit includes everything you will need to get started. Colorwash is available in 8 inspiring colors.

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Eight Inspiring Colors to Paint With

Colorwashed walls are soft, rich, warm and always romantic. Only one shade of colorwash is needed to paint and create varied tones and hues on any wall. How?

Colorwashes are semi-transparent, letting light travel on to the base coat, then refracting the light back as "broken color." You've fallen in love with broken color before. For example, the beauty of a deep blue lake–which isn't a flat, solid color –comes from many colors blending together for a luscious display of depth and texture.

Sage Was Here

A friendly sage green tone paint wash. Works well in rooms with less light or if you want to bring the feeling of the great outdoors inside. A fine green for the whole room.


This warm golden curry paint wash brings a subtle elegance to every room. It has the look of a fresco painting in an ancient wine cellar.


If you have a wall or piece of furniture you want to age this beautiful deep umber will do the trick.

NEW! Princess Pink

The perfect pink paint wash. It's the color every little girl loves. Her tutu is pink, her PJ's are pink, her quilt is pink and you better believe she wants a perfect pink for her walls. Well here it is! Princess Pink in all its pinknees.

Cloudy Blue

This color is interesting because it has a warm under tone to it. This paint wash is not a powder or sky blue and asks for a second look. Great color for sunny rooms, kids rooms or bathrooms.