Special Effects

With just a little old fashioned elbow grease and know-how, you can create beautiful striped walls and stenciled patterns.

Striped walls help give smaller rooms a sense of height and ordinary rooms some visual interest.

Stripes Curry Stripes Patterns Gingham Layering Combination

Begin by measuring the wall and seeing where you want the stripes to fall around windows and doorways. These areas are more noticeable than where the stripes meet the walls.

Mark the top of the wall with a light pencil mark. On this mark, tape a string with an eraser at the end and let dangle -or use a plumb bob.

Run a line of low tack tape, 1 1/2" works well, along the edge of the string. Repeat process across the wall.

Dilute the colorwash by half with water and colorwash inside the tape lines.

Remove tape and let dry. Then colorwash over the whole wall, including the stripes, using the same or thinner colorwash mixture.